Ali Smith

We Find Ways

June 28 – August 16, 2008

Terrains Vagues, 2008
oil on canvas
64 x 68 inches

Luxe, Calme et Volupté, 2008
oil and acrylic on canvas
84 x 78 inches

The Navigator, 2008
oil on canvas
85 x 132 inches

Sombre Detune, 2008
oil on canvas
84 x 92 inches

Geek Love, 2008
oil and acrylic on canvas
92 x 84 inches

Press Release

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 28th, 5-7pm

Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to present new paintings from emerging talent Ali Smith. Through her use of intense color and her visceral application of paint, Smith creates abstract planes that exist in a constant state of flux and conflict. Raw areas of pure, primary color butt up against focused linear details, these shifting environments at once both unstable landscapes and architectural anomalies. The undulating surfaces created are simultaneously seductively enthralling and organically crude. By having no fixed resolution in mind, her paintings adopt the interpretative possibility of text; the surface of her canvases becoming both visual and temporal narratives through their spatial presence and her sedimentary application of paint. The evolutionary quality of her paintings allows an emotional intensity that roams the course from somber contemplation to joyful spontaneity.

"[Ali Smith's] canny knack for whimsy permits a delicate balance to exist between purely decorative gestures and those of grotesque vulgarity."
Leslie Markle

Ali Smith received her MFA from California State University, Long Beach, CA in 2003. In this past year alone she has had solo shows in Los Angeles, Boston and Houston as well as exhibiting her work in group shows in New York, Germany and Austria among others. She was recently included in Christopher Knight's article "45 Painters Under 45" in the Los Angeles Times. This will be here second solo exhibition at the Mark Moore Gallery. Ali Smith lives and works in Long Beach, CA.

For more information regarding this artist or the opening event, please contact the gallery at 310.453.3031, or

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